Let The Spring Countdown Begin

 Happy girl waiting for the spring collection to arrive

Shaye Thomas, Founder & CEO

Shaye isn't one to shy away from a challenge. With over 20 years of experience under her belt, she expertly manages the financial well-being of a US Virgin Islands credit union by day, while rocking her full-time state employee role in Massachusetts. A graduate of the University of Connecticut, Shaye brings a wealth of knowledge and a can-do attitude to everything she tackles.

When she's not crunching numbers, Shaye's a passionate volunteer. From mentoring DCF youth to serving on the New Mission High School Parent Council, she thrives on giving back to her community and inspiring others to do the same. Whether it's guiding young minds or crafting beautiful homewares on her Boston patio, Shaye pours her creativity into every aspect of life.

Fueling her busy schedule are international dramas, captivating reads, and the thrill of a good baseball game. Catch her exploring the charm of New England with her son or enjoying a walk with her mom—Shaye embraces life to the fullest, one experience at a time.

Nice to meet you.